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Do you know how it is possible to make a 50 dollars iPod Shuffle worth 40, 000 dollars? It is not so difficult if you have 430 sparkling diamonds and solid 18 k white and pink gold to adorn your iPod and turn it into the iDiamond iPod Shuffle.
Such a jewelry iPod will be sold at a charity event in London for 40, 000 or even more.
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Lady K Bag nr4 by Dutch designer Ted Noten demonstrates an engraved and heavily gold-plated gun and a gold bullet. After just one look at the bag the goons will either mug you and loot your bag, or ask you where you got that fine blend of bling and arms! Getting it through airport security might be a bit of a bitch more »

Personalized Valentintine's gifts - Shared Heart Custom Boxer Shorts
Two hearts beat as one on our new and exclusive custom "Shared Heart" boxer shorts! Printed with the special couple's first names (or nicknames!) across the front inside a clever heart design. Made of 100% white cotton. Machine-washable. read more »

A Special I Love You
Fabulous Roses
If you really want to steal someone's heart or make any day as magical as Valentine's Day, why not send roses along with an "I Love You" note and a beautiful love poem. read more »

Holding a generous 16 ounces, this exclusive design captures both sweetheart's monograms engraved above the His and Hers design.
or very ROMANTIC
Personalized Interlocking Mugs
Adorable His and Hers Coffee Mug Set fits together perfectly - you'll have each other on your minds with each and every sip. read more »

So Valentine's day is right around the corner and you still haven't gotten a gift for your special someone - not because you don't plan to, but because things are brand new and you have no idea what's appropriate. Should you spend a lot of money on some material representation of your affection?read more »

Since 2008 is considered as the year of rat, I was sure that my favorites Mickey and Minnie from Disney are going to face more limelight. Not that they were ever out of it. Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating "Year of the Mouse Celebratio" and as a part of this, a jewelry store is displaying Mickey and Minnie made of gold. Priced at 25, more »

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