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Do you like gifts? Of course you do! It is the best way to express feelings without words. Find the right key and open the door leading to the heart of your special someone - let bright colors into your life!
Oct 01, 2007
There are cases when precious stones or metals cannot substitute the idea the producer puts in. There is no such a problem with Arctic Explorer Watch from Villemont: besides the idea they also have famous story that is related to the recently set world record.

Several months ago the world discussed the brave deed of Lewis Gordon Pugh - a British swimmer, explorer, lawyer and environmentalist. To attract the public's attention to the global warming problem, he swam one kilometer at the Geoghraphic North Pole in 18 minutes and 50 seconds at minus 1.8C - the coldest waters a human has swum in. read more »
Sep 20, 2007
Just imagine how nice it is for a woman to unexpectedly get a cute gift for no particular reason. A new Kisses From Paris Set by Bourjois is a great option to make her light with pleasure and happiness.

How nice it for a lady to have all her favorite things at hand! Bourgois lip glosses of Kisses from Paris Set collection are also great key chains. Shining non-stick lip glosses of different colors give pleasurable sensation to her lips. read more »
Sep 17, 2007
Recently Chanel fashion house reopened its boutique in Los-Angeles after it was restored. The result has turned out to be striking - the shop has become really stylish and modern. In order to accentuate the uniqueness of the place, Chanel decided to create a special symbol of its new store. They counted on a luxurious timepiece created in a limited edition that could certainly fit the bill.

So now the pride for the new Chanel's boutique is reflected in the new exclusive watch from Chanel that is a more »
Sep 15, 2007
Would you like to have a very stylish and cool coat that in addition is a piece unique? Why not to make a nice gift for yourself if you are ready to pay more than 1 million dollars for it! Yeah, it's true-this is the price Volksware company, that studies the global consumerism and brands addiction, expects to get for the unique coat.

Actually each of us can sew such a piece. Why then it is so crazy expensive? It is simple to explain: it is made of fashion labels torn from 7,531 different pieces of clothes! Impressive, isn't it?
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Sep 12, 2007
The perfect car Bugatti Veyron is a dream of any car lover. It is among the leaders as one of the world's fastest and the most expensive car. Usually they present a person who buys such a car with a nice gift. Veyron producers have decided to please their consumers as well and have launched exclusive wrist watch specially created for supercar owners.

But what should do those who do not have Bugatti in their garage but want to have the timepiece? They should not be upset. As it has become known everybody who wants can buy such a timepiece. read more »
Sep 01, 2007
Are you in search for a cool gift for her? Jewelry gadgets can certainly make her happy.
There is a USB drive appeared as a result of Phillips and Swarovski brands collaboration. Now it is possible to make your life brighter adding some luster to it - objects we use every day can become brighter and more beautiful because they decorate them with sparkling crystals.

Style, quality and design - these are key words to describe the collection where innovative technologies and fashion are combined. Due to the companies efforts to turn objects we use everyday into the season must-haves, we get bright, refined and original devices.
Of course the collection is meant rather for women than men. It consists of different useful devices such as USB drives and ear-phones.
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Aug 15, 2007
Every fashionista strives to smell impeccably. So why not to present her with such a savory gift? Namely for such kind of people the best world perfumery companies produce the most luxurious creations.

Mane, French Fragrance Company, has created a real perfumery masterpiece that is one of the most expensive scents in the world.
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