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Do you like gifts? Of course you do! It is the best way to express feelings without words. Find the right key and open the door leading to the heart of your special someone - let bright colors into your life!
Dec 19, 2007
Probably everybody knows that those who want to make expensive gifts can find them using Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog 2007.

This year Neiman Marcus- a guide to help you with your holiday shopping - is celebrating 100 years and it coincides with the release of their 100th Anniversary Edition Christmas Book. It is possible to find the list of the most expensive 2007 Christmas gifts there.

All the items included in the book have been released in 2007. They offer the best and the most expensive gift ideas for those who want to make really special presents for the closest ones. The catalog is first of all meant for people with generous spirit and fat purse. read more »
Dec 18, 2007
A good cell-phone is a very nice gift idea almost for everybody. Just imagine how pleasant it is to get a cell phone your idol prefers. But do you know what kind of cell-phones are liked by rich and famous? Of course stylish and glamorous, such as for example Sirocco Gold by Nokia that is literally created for a pop-star. Probably it is the reason Celin Dion is among its fans.

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova adores her bright Motorola RAZR Pink Phone that was initially created namely for her. read more »
Nov 29, 2007
Faberge egg that had been in the Rothschild banking family for more than a century went under the hammer for 18, 5 million dollars at the world's largest auction house Christie's on Wednesday. A Russian art collector whose name was not released has become an owner of the most expensive Faberge piece ever sold after 10 minutes of bidding.

The "Rothschild" Faberge egg was created in 1902 as an engagement gift for Baron Edouard de Rothschild.
The translucent pink egg that is a rather big one has a miniature clock and is topped with a diamond-studded cockerel which pops out every hour. read more »
Nov 27, 2007
There is no doubt cosmetics is a great gift idea for her. A lipstick for 62 000 dollars is meant for a very rich lady who is used to live in a splendid fashion. Such a woman is always in the high light and looks gorgeous.

Haute Couture Lipstick KissKiss Gold and Diamonds by French cosmetics house Guerlain comes wrapped in a 110-gram 18-karat gold lipstick tube embellished with 199 diamonds (2.2 carats of diamonds), plus beautiful rubies and emeralds. The lipstick can be engraved and comes in a black lacquer case with a protective black suede pouch and with its own lip brush. Moreover it is more »
Nov 21, 2007
Japanese jewelers have prepared a very unusual Christmas and New Year gift for those who love expensive jewelry and luxury pieces. They have unveiled a statue of Santa Claus made of 20 kilograms of pure yellow gold and 1,7 ct of diamonds!

The 41-centimeter tall gold Santa Claus carries a shoulder bag and of course not a simple one: it is made of fine gold wire. As for the gifts Santa carries in his bag, they are also made of pure yellow gold. Santa's belt buckle is adorned with 23 more »
Nov 20, 2007
If you want to buy a real Christmas tree, you have to do it not earlier than several days before the holiday. But there is a very special Christmas tree on sale you can freely buy right now.
Beautiful and original things quickly find their customers - such a unique Christmas tree can become a wonderful adornment in your house and make it different from all the others.
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Nov 20, 2007
A chestnut tree growing in Amsterdam was a symbol of peace and hope for a small Jewish girl Anne Frank when she and her family were hiding from Nazi occupiers during World War II.

The famed Anne Frank tree will be cut down Wednesday, November 21. They say the 27-tonne tree, estimated to be aged between 150 and 175, is so diseased that there is a risk the trunk can break .The city officials have decided to remove it. read more »
Nov 14, 2007
A timepiece created for the wife of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was the lot of great interest at Christie's auction on Monday. Josephine watch went under the hammer for more than 1,3 million dollars. The price beat the record because it was seven times more than its pre-auction estimate.

The Napoleon's wife Josephine ordered the watch in 1799 for 3,000 francs. Christie's experts had estimated the exclusive timepiece at 200,000 Swiss francs (178, 000 US dollars ) but it was sold for the record price of 1,5 million Swiss francs (1,3 million US dollars). read more »
Nov 13, 2007
John Lennon's statue at the London airport bearing his name has been attacked by a souvenirs hunter. A vandal stole off the iconic round glasses of the legendary musician that were attached to the 7ft bronze monument. It was unveiled by Lennon's wife Yoko Ono in March 2002.

Sculptor Tom Murphy, the author of the statue, has criticized the thief, who not just committed a very shameful act but damaged the statue while taking the glasses off.
They have put on a temporary pair and are getting a new pair recast to replace it as quickly as possible.
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Nov 12, 2007
Ingenious Japanese have invented a new device to save money that can be a great gift for anyone. It is a very original bomb-shaped piggy-bank especially useful for those who have some difficulties in saving. The piggy-bank reminds its owner to feed it coins by shaking, shining, beeping on an hourly basis.

In case piggy-bank owner fails to save for a particular period of time, it 'explodes' scattering the contents everywhere - so in order to avoid wasting time for picking up the scattered coins, it is necessary to regularly add cash to the piggy bank. read more »
Nov 12, 2007
A couple from the US have made a very unusual gift for themselves.
They bought the right to have a launch with the first and single president of the former USSR Mikhail Gorbachev for 160,000 dollars.

It was the sum the American spouses paid to come to Moscow last Saturday to launch with Mikhail Gorbachev in his own apartment.
Last Friday, on the eve of the event, Gorbachev said they would have all traditional Russian dishes such as cabbage, herring and vodka for lunch. read more »
Nov 06, 2007
French auction house Drout is selling a segment of the former stairway from the Eiffel tower on November 19.

The piece once climbed by Gustave Eiffel himself linked the second and the third floors but in 1983 it was substituted by elevators.

The staircase was cut into 20 smaller pieces and sold to collectors and museums at auction. One of the pieces goes under the hammer this month. read more »
Oct 30, 2007
An American company I love Dogs Diamonds has decided to prove its love for pets the way gallant gentlemen usually do.

The jewelry producers for pets have created a really luxury gift for dogs- a 52-carat diamond dog-collar made in precious stones and metals worth 1, 8 million dollars.
There are 1600 hand-set diamonds in Amour Amour dog-collar. The piece is crowned with 3 seven-carat diamonds.
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Oct 25, 2007
One of the gifts everybody would like to get is a good laptop. But if in addition it is a gold-plated one, it is possible to imagine the effect produced by such a unique device.

Apple has created a gold-plated version of superpowerful MacBook Pro decorated with diamonds for those who want to have a luxury toy. A person with a gold-plated MacBook Pro will certainly be in the high light.
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Oct 22, 2007
Only few people can become presidents but to feel "president-like" is not so difficult. Today it is even more real with a new wrist watch produced by Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet together with Bill Clinton's Foundation.

A limited edition series of new Jules Audemars Clinton Foundation Equation of Time was officially unveiled in Manhattan, 10 October and became a part of Audemars Piguet philanthropist policy.
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Oct 21, 2007
If a leather bag has turned into a settee and an evening gown has turned into a curtain-do not be scared: it is Her Majesty Haute Couture who has come to your apartment.

It is not surprising that people who live in luxury and wear only the best clothing want only the best for their houses too. If somebody loves a fashion designer, he/she wants to see his masterpieces everywhere.

And the most famous fashion trends want to occupy the best places in the interior design sphere. They demonstrated their "home" collection during Design week in Milan.
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Oct 19, 2007
Are you in search for a very original gift? If you have some more 100 million dollars to spend, there is a great option for you.

One of the latest fashion trends among world celebrities is to own an island. There are a lot of rather inexpensive objects of this kind accessible for many people on the market. But recently they put on sale a really unique lot-the biggest and most expensive private island ever appeared on the world real estate market. read more »
Oct 17, 2007
Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Venice International Film Festival

This year Venice has become the main center for jewelry and watch premieres. Namely there Piaget and Zenith launched their new collections.

In its turn Jaeger-LeCoultre manufacture unveiled its Extraordinary Watches collection during the Venice International Film Festival in the beginning of September. The manufacture has been the Festival partner for three years and that was the best place to unveil its beautiful and perfect new line of one-of-a-kind haute joaillerie pieces.
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Oct 16, 2007
One of the most prestigious watch brands in the world Rolex has never been on the string of fashion. But the latest fashion trend to collaborate with the aim to create unique products has touched the conservative Rolex as well.
Recently they announced the creation of a new exclusive LG for Rolex cell phone.

The unique novelty (or to be more precise its concept) was demonstrated to a few journalists in Asia but the pictures of a smart phone were not released). It is just known the design will be rather original one: a phone with a Rolex watch-face embedded in the casing and luxurious leathery more »
Oct 14, 2007
All women are crazy about beautiful and sexy lingerie and like to get it as a gift. And it is not so important only a very limited number of people can see it-this part of a lady's wardrobe must always be perfect.

Fashion producer of high quality lingerie Victoria's Secret, that worships the beauty of female body, has presented its exclusive Fantasy Bra. This time it is a full set composed of 9,000 precious stones with the total price of 4, 5 million dollars!
The Fantasy Bra set created by jeweler Mouawad looks gorgeous and very original. Moreover besides a bra and a thong it includes a cuff bracelet, garter, and barrette with a holly and poinsettia theme.
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