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Gifts Make the World Smile

Do you like gifts? Of course you do! It is the best way to express feelings without words. Find the right key and open the door leading to the heart of your special someone - let bright colors into your life!
Feb 07, 2008
Have you ever watched a butterfly? All kinds of butterflies heat the imagination and excite general admiration.

Montblanc craftsmen have also noticed the amazing beauty of these unique creatures that have always been a source of inspiration for artists, poets and jewelers.

The new limited edition collection of jewelry fountain pens 'Boheme Papillon' is Montblanc homage to butterflies.
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Jan 30, 2008
Nowadays it is not surprising to see very different objects made of precious metals and stones. People like to have luxury items and often buy them as gifts for those around.

Of course cell phones are not an exception.

Softbank Mobile, Japan and the legendary American jeweler Tiffany has teamed up to create a luxury handset studded with more than 400 diamonds (over 20 K).
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Jan 28, 2008
Have you already managed to get ready for the most romantic holiday of the year? Not yet? But do you want to find something really special?

There is a great Valentine gift idea for you that might become the most unusual Valentine gift you have ever presented. This is a Love Tub from Dimension One Spas that is really a hot Valentine gift option. read more »
Jan 27, 2008
1. Valentine's Day Cookies Gift Tin, Be Mine

Valentine's Day Cookies Gift Tin, Be Mine is a very cute and tasty gift idea for girls. The tin is full of beautiful and very special Valentine's Day home-made sugar cookies.

It is individually hand decorated and tied with a bow. Valentine's Day Cookies Gift Tin, Be Mine is a great gift idea for your daughter or niece and is a great alternative to chocolate.
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Jan 25, 2008
When Saint Valentine's Day is so close, those in love start puzzling their heads over what so special and romantic to find as a Valentine gift for their significant other?

Russian fashion house CHAPURIN has prepared a great gift idea for February, 14th. To celebrate the most romantic day of the year Igor Chapurin, fashion designer and the head of the house, has created a unique "diamond" top in collaboration with the famous Russian jewelry company Smolenskie more »
Jan 25, 2008
Ralph Lauren created his famous Romance perfume in 1999 and immediately became extremely popular among women. It is a modern fragrance that has already managed to become classic.

An exquisite blend of fresh rose, violet, marigold, essence of tangerine, chamomile and freesia with notes of ginger and oak moss is packaged in a beautiful clear bottle and is enclosed in a soft pink more »
Jan 24, 2008
The newest gift idea for the most romantic holiday of the year is a gold pendant with a diamond encrusted bear by Tous.

This amazing piece of jewelry is made of 18 K gold. Why it is so amazing? Besides heart-shaped design the pendant has something very original: it bears the word love expressed in six different languages such as English (love), Spanish (amor), French (amour), German (liebe), and Italian (amore) and one more unknown to me (LOL). read more »
Jan 24, 2008
A wonderful release when St. Valentine's day is around the corner: Hublot watch brand has created a timepiece dedicated to those in love Valentine Big Bang Red Gold Diamond watch for ladies.

It is a great St. Valentine's gift for a lady you love from the bottom of your heart.
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Jan 24, 2008
Very cute and original gift idea for him on St. Valentine's Day. Link to Love couple pilowcases will be of great use for both of you. Be ready to spend unforgettably romantic nights together!

With the help of these sweet and sassy pilowcases you may drop him a hint you are a perfect match. read more »
Jan 21, 2008
Probably bedroom is the most intimate place in any home or flat (of course if not taking toilet into consideration). Sometimes the best moments of our life take place namely in bedroom.

Our bedroom is the place where we relax, watch TV, sleep, dispute and make love. That is why each detail is of high importance here. Rightly chosen sheet set will not only make your bedroom more beautiful and cozy but will add freshness to the relationship with your beloved one. read more »
Jan 16, 2008
Maria Sharapova has become an ambassador of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications - famous call phones and accessories producer.

Sony Ericsson has signed an exclusive agreement with the famous Russian tennis player for four years. According to it Maria Sharapova will be taking part in a series of Sony Ericsson brand ad campaigns.

Also the tennis star will be working together with Sony Ericsson designers on new cell phones and accessories line elaboration. read more »
Jan 16, 2008
It turns out 59-years old musician Ozzy Osbourne had never had his own cell phone before. But this Christmas a real miracle took place - he got a cell phone as a Christmas gift. Ozzy is very happy to have such a cool toy.

They say the rocker of the famous heavy metal band Black Sabbath loves it and constantly calls his family members. Her famous daughter Kelly says his incessant phone calls sometimes annoy her. She confesses she already hates more »
Jan 16, 2008
Famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp visited London's Great Ormond Street Hospital to donate 2 million dollars as a gift of gratitude for saving his 8 years old daughter's life. Little Lily-Rose spent nine days at hospital due to an infection.They do not reveal the precise diagnosis - it is just known it was E.coli poisoning that led to kidneys fail. The girl's life was hanging by a thread.

Depp kept a bedside vigil with the girl's mother Vanessa Paradis. As Johnny admits their daughter's hospitalization was the most frightening thing they have ever been through, it was hell.
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Jan 15, 2008
Are you unusual shoes fan? Here you can find some pictures of the strangest footwear for ladies.Wearing such kind of footwear a woman can bowl people over. Probably these are shoes of our future but I have no idea how it is possible to wear them.

Anyway if a lady dares to choose such a unique pair of shoes for a party, she will certainly be in the high light.
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Jan 14, 2008
The rush for Christmas gifts is finally over. We can breathe a sigh of relief, have some rest and start looking for nice presents again.

Why? Because St. Valentine's Day is around the corner. So you should show all your closest ones your love and care by presenting them with Valentine's Day gifts.

Blancpain watch company is already ready for the most romantic holiday. The company has a very beautiful tradition to create a wrist watch for St. Valentine's holiday. Each year Blancpain invents something new and original on the heart theme. read more »
Jan 10, 2008
Do you need to choose a gift for your friend? It is not an easy task when your friend is a very special person with good taste who likes unique pieces. But do not be upset - those who seek shall find.

Diamond tree jewelry brand traces the latest jewelry fashion trends and buys the best precious stones and gems to create their collections.

Diamond Tree jewels are not ordinary: there can be used a number of different materials such as precious stone, gold and exotic wood. It is probably very funny and interesting trying to guess how it is made. read more »
Dec 26, 2007
Rich and famous men traditionally look for special gifts for their ladies in jewelry boutiques. Gorgeous jewelry pieces have always been one of the best ways to show man's love and care. But what are the priciest jewels in the world?

For more than a century Cartier house has been a pattern for jewelry producers from all over the world. It greatly combines traditions and innovative approach. The company also produces perfumery and wrist more »
Dec 25, 2007
If you are looking for a useful but at the same time funny gift for her, there is a great gift idea - the Bra Bag.

Sooner or later but such a wonderful thing must have been invented. The Bra Bag is created for a lady to become her companion while traveling. But it is also a useful thing while staying at home to keep there her padded bras.

Probably designers thought of bag boxes or glasses cases while creating such an original bag for bras. At least it performs the same functions as its "colleagues": it protects from dents, wrinkles or deformation. No more dented cups that look awful under ladies clothing. read more »
Dec 25, 2007
The world-known jewelry and watch company Chopard based in Switzerland has released a unique jewelry timepiece the price of which is 25, 000, 000 dollars!

The design of the watch is very original. There are three heart-shaped diamonds of different colors weighing 38 carats. Pink heart diamond weighs 15 carats, blue one 12 and white diamond 11 carats respectively. All the diamonds are embedded into a beautiful bracelet embellished with yellow and white fancy diamonds that due to their design look like little flowers. Its total weight is 163 carats. read more »
Dec 20, 2007
Do you know what a cell phone and a religion have in common? The answer was "nothing" in the past. But recently a new unique cell phone has appeared in China - it is meant for people of particular religious views: the gold-plated phone for Buddhists is really a luxury object.

In China Buddhism is the most wide spread religion. That is the reason the company that has created "Buddhist mobile" can expect high demand for the unusual novelty.
Probably it is not so nice to attract consumers by "playing"upon their religious commitments. But from the business point of view the idea is certainly exclusive and provoking a special interest. read more »

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