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You Have My Heart - Pillow

Jan 23, 2009
This adorable, fluffy pillow would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift! Fun, flirty, and hot pink, this heart is sure to warm someone else's!

Nov 23, 2015 09:09 PM | Innocent

Anna -- I love your cookies and you are alaredy SO talented to begin with! Christy -- RED IS SO HARD, isn't it? I use a combination of colors to get it so dark. After a healthy dose of red, I add a little brown and a tiny bit of black. (And sometimes burgundy if I've added too much brown or a little copper if I add too much black.) [url=]fzoubjr[/url] [link=]debphnnuizz[/link]

Nov 22, 2015 10:39 AM | Rendi

Happiest of birthdays to my<a href=""> foatrive</a> Wandering Pilgrim, Abigail (who I will always remember peeking in my window on a dark night...just wondering where Mama might be (-:)What a joy to have an eight year old beauty, Kate! Love you,DI

Nov 22, 2015 05:18 AM | Jefferson

The similarities with aneohtr blog I read are eerie, those were..less beer, cuss less, travel more, save more, lose 10k, gamble less, donate more, wake up earlier, do a marathon in 5 hours, climb a mountain, get on tv, and get buff like 007.

Dec 28, 2012 05:20 AM | Fern

- Um I'm speechless!! You raelly out did yourself this time Kat! LOVE LOVE all 3 of them, can't stop looking at the first pic! AMAZING!! Fabulous work on the makeup and hair Nee and Sun!! Here's hoping that all 3 of you will make me look hot one day

Feb 10, 2009 04:58 AM | Tilde

That heart pillow is adorable!

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