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Diamond Top: Fashion Gift for Saint Valentine's Day

Jan 25, 2008
When Saint Valentine's Day is so close, those in love start puzzling their heads over what so special and romantic to find as a Valentine gift for their significant other?

Russian fashion house CHAPURIN has prepared a great gift idea for February, 14th.

To celebrate the most romantic day of the year Igor Chapurin, fashion designer and the head of the house, has created a unique "diamond" top in collaboration with the famous Russian jewelry company Smolenskie brillianty.

The Diamond Love top is not just an item of one's wardrobe but an exclusive art piece.

There is a kissing couple in love printed on it. They put there purest 0.05 K diamond that serves as a beautiful earring depicted on a girl's ear.

As the fashion house representative say, it is possible not only to use the bigger diamond but engrave the name of the future lucky owner on the stone.

In addition to Diamond Love top they give a special certificate with all the information about the diamond used.

Those Russian men who want to present their loved lady with such an unusual gift for Saint Valentine's Day must hurry up: the unique romantic piece of clothing is launched in a limited edition.

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