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Maria Sharapova - Sony Ericsson Global Brand Ambassador

Jan 16, 2008
Maria Sharapova has become an ambassador of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications - famous call phones and accessories producer.

Sony Ericsson has signed an exclusive agreement with the famous Russian tennis player for four years. According to it Maria Sharapova will be taking part in a series of Sony Ericsson brand ad campaigns.

Also the tennis star will be working together with Sony Ericsson designers on new cell phones and accessories line elaboration.

The company's representatives say Maria's determination, dynamism, success and charm correspond to the brand's policy.

In her turn Maria Sharapova is happy to collaborate with such a famous brand as Sony Ericsson. Maria says many people know her as a successful tennis star but she has a lot of interests besides sports: these are fashion, cinema, music and design. That is why Sharapova is certain in successful and fruitful collaboration with the brand.

So do not be surprised if somebody presents you with a cute cell phone as a gift produced by the Russian beauty.

An interesting fact is that Maria Sharapova already has an experience in advertising cell phones - she was promoting several Motorola handsets.

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Nov 22, 2015 06:04 AM | Sandu

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