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The Most Expensive Watch in the World

Dec 25, 2007
The world-known jewelry and watch company Chopard based in Switzerland has released a unique jewelry timepiece the price of which is 25, 000, 000 dollars!

The design of the watch is very original. There are three heart-shaped diamonds of different colors weighing 38 carats. Pink heart diamond weighs 15 carats, blue one 12 and white diamond 11 carats respectively. All the diamonds are embedded into a beautiful bracelet embellished with yellow and white fancy diamonds that due to their design look like little flowers. Its total weight is 163 carats.

The Chopard watch is a real jewelry art masterpiece. But does it really show the time? Yes it does, beauty and functionality are greatly combined in the timepiece. They put a spring loaded mechanism there. When its wearer presses it, the three heart-shaped diamonds open up automatically. It reminds a gorgeous flower that opens its petals in the early morning and is ready to enjoy the sun rays. The watch itself is adorned with diamonds as well.

Just imagine - the weight of the world's most expensive watch is 200-carats! I don't know who will be ready to pay 25, 000, 000 dollars for the timepiece. A rich buyer will probably be attracted first of all by the special elite status of the timepiece with its title: The World's Most Expensive Watch. One more great way to pamper your vanity.

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