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Very Original Gift for Her

Dec 25, 2007
If you are looking for a useful but at the same time funny gift for her, there is a great gift idea - the Bra Bag.

Sooner or later but such a wonderful thing must have been invented. The Bra Bag is created for a lady to become her companion while traveling. But it is also a useful thing while staying at home to keep there her padded bras.

Probably designers thought of bag boxes or glasses cases while creating such an original bag for bras. At least it performs the same functions as its "colleagues": it protects from dents, wrinkles or deformation. No more dented cups that look awful under ladies clothing.

It is especially useful for a woman who in a hurry crams her suit case full with clothes and then can't find one of the most important small things - her bra. With such a cute Bra Bag it's so easy to pack them.

It won't be strange if they soon invent a bag to keep and carry panties. Interesting to see it, isn't it?
But you know you must be careful with such a gift-it is appropriate only for your closest woman - girlfriend, sister, wife, best friend who will be able to appreciate such a cute, funny and original present. But it is probably not a good gift idea for the mother-in-law or colleague-woman, agree?

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