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The Most Expensive Luxury Gifts

Dec 19, 2007
Probably everybody knows that those who want to make expensive gifts can find them using Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog 2007.

This year Neiman Marcus-a guide to help you with your holiday shopping - is celebrating 100 years and it coincides with the release of their 100th Anniversary Edition Christmas Book. It is possible to find the list of the most expensive 2007 Christmas gifts there.

All the items included in the book have been released in 2007. They offer the best and the most expensive gift ideas for those who want to make really special presents for the closest ones. The catalog is first of all meant for people with generous spirit and fat purse.

They advice not to stint and treat money easily. This way one of the most expensive gifts for winter holidays turns out to be Bugatti Veyron - one of the fastest cars in the world - that costs more than 1,7 million dollars. Not bad!
But for romantic people it is better to choose something more refined.

15 karats diamond earrings by famous jeweler Neil Lane (whose jewelry pieces are worn by stars during glamorous black-tie events) will fit the bill. But of course it is not a cheap "pleasure"-their price is about 750 000 dollars.

As for jewels, there is one more gift idea-a jewelry brooch 109.73 Kunzite Bow Brooch by Tiffany and Co. It looks like a huge crystal with a bow made of diamonds. Such a beauty costs 74 500 dollars.
Jewelry phones by Vertu are considered to be the most expensive and beautiful. There is a model with pink and white 7,2 carat diamonds in the Christmas catalog. Its price is 73 000 dollars.

Of course women are pampered most of all that is why there are mostly things that are great as gifts for ladies-such as a cute bag in the catalog.

It is not so easy for a man to choose the appropriate bag for his beloved one that is why they advice silver Selleria Bag by Fendi for 38 000 dollars.

Also it is possible to present somebody with the most expensive dessert in the world. The exclusive ice cream Frrrozen Haute Chocolate from a famous New-York's restaurant for 25 000 dollars has already been mentioned in The Guinness Book of World Records. Such a famous masterpiece can become a very tasty gift for your special someone.

There are also some other most expensive gifts ideas such as Runco 103-Inch Plasma Display for 99,995 dollars, Swami Conversational Robot for 75,000 dollars, North Pole Dogsled Expedition for 37,500 dollars etc. Just be ready to come down with your money-everything luxurious and exclusive costs correspondingly!

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