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Stars and Their Cell Phones

Dec 18, 2007
A good cell-phone is a very nice gift idea almost for everybody. Just imagine how pleasant it is to get a cell phone your idol prefers. But do you know what kind of cell-phones are liked by rich and famous? Of course stylish and glamorous, such as for example Sirocco Gold by Nokia that is literally created for a pop-star. Probably it is the reason Celin Dion is among its fans.

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova adores her bright Motorola RAZR Pink Phone that was initially created namely for her.

Usually celebrities do not buy cell phones for their own money. Companies-producers themselves are interested in famous people to demonstrate and advertise their products everywhere. But sometimes the problem is that stars are not stable in their preferences.
Cell phones producers collaborate with so-called companies-gift-givers that provide stars with phones (as well as with jewelry pieces, gorgeous evening gowns and expensive cars) temporarily-for the period of some important events such as Oscar or MTV awards. For example Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have phones presented by BlackBerry.

Samsung and BlackBerry are in rivalry for Eva Longoria's heart. Samsung presented her with its famous Blackjack II.
As for David Beckham (who is an active ad campaigns participant), he goes everywhere with his Motorola RAZR2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Mettiu Broderik, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kirsten Dunst prefer this phone as well.

But it also happens that a star has a cell phone just to communicate-without ad purposes. There are a lot of idols who do not have particular "cell phone preferences". For example Madonna has a lot of different phones. As for Britney Spears, she likes to change her cell phones as often as the color of her hair.

For the last several months she has been seen with BlackBerry 8700c, Sidekick LX, LG enV, BlackBerry 8310 and the latest Samsung u740.
The original design and genuine keyboard has made Sidekick LX a favorite toy for many stars.Sometimes a cell-phone can become a reason for gossips. Recently Jessica Biel was spotted with a BlackBerry Curve with the unique orange gel case. Soon after it Cameron Diaz was noticed with the same piece. Don't you think it is a strange coincidence? They say both ladies are Justin Timberlake's flames but Justin turns out not to be inventive when choosing a gift for his girlfriends.

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