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Villemont Creates a Limited Edition Arctic Explorer Watch

Oct 01, 2007
There are cases when precious stones or metals cannot substitute the idea the producer puts in. There is no such a problem with Arctic Explorer Watch from Villemont: besides the idea they also have famous story that is related to the recently set world record.

Several months ago the world discussed the brave deed of Lewis Gordon Pugh - a British swimmer, explorer, lawyer and environmentalist. To attract the public's attention to the global warming problem, he swam one kilometer at the Geoghraphic North Pole in 18 minutes and 50 seconds at minus 1.8C - the coldest waters a human has swum in.

The Lewis Gordon Pugh's challenge was conducted in accordance with Channel Swimming Association Rules. As for Pugh, he was wearing just a pair of Speedos, a cap and goggles.
To honor this unique event famous French watch company Villemont has created a limited edition series of the Arctic Explorer Limited Edition Lewis Pugh watch consisting of 50 automatic pieces. One of them was on the wrist of the explorer while his famous swim.

The rest 49 pieces also traveled to the North Pole and showed high functionality while and after extreme temperatures. There is the Solar Navigator system that allows easy orientation based on the position of the sun and shade.
They used British racing green straps in watch design that added a special chic and sports look to it. Moreover green color has a symbolic meaning and incarnates the fight against global warming.

The Arctic Explorer Limited Edition Lewis Pugh watch embodies elegance and modernity.


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