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Chestnut from Holocaust Girl's Tree Put Up for Auction

Nov 20, 2007
A chestnut tree growing in Amsterdam was a symbol of peace and hope for a small Jewish girl Anne Frank when she and her family were hiding from Nazi occupiers during World War II.

The famed Anne Frank tree will be cut down Wednesday, November 21. They say the 27-tonne tree, estimated to be aged between 150 and 175, is so diseased that there is a risk the trunk can break .The city officials have decided to remove it.

A chestnut from the tree has been put up for auction on eBay titled "Grow your own Anne Frank tree with a chestnut"by 34-year-old Charles Kuijpers, who lives next door to the garden where the tree stands. This way the activists have an opportunity to grow Anne Frank tree again with the help of its chestnut.

The destiny of Anne and her family was tragic. They were hiding from Nazi occupiers in the house's attic for two years during World War II. The chestnut was the only reminder of normal life and nature she and her family could see. The chestnut was their hope of deliverance. The girl wrote all her feelings and thoughts in her diary.

But in August 1944 the family was betrayed and arrested. Anne and her sister were deported to a concentration camp where they both died.

The story of Anne and her family, written by the girl in her diary, was published after her death and became a best-seller all over the world

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