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Lennon's Glasses Stolen from Liverpool Airport Statue

Nov 13, 2007
John Lennon's statue at the London airport bearing his name has been attacked by a souvenirs hunter. A vandal stole off the iconic round glasses of the legendary musician that were attached to the 7ft bronze monument. It was unveiled by Lennon's wife Yoko Ono in March 2002.

Sculptor Tom Murphy, the author of the statue, has criticized the thief, who not just committed a very shameful act but damaged the statue while taking the glasses off.
They have put on a temporary pair and are getting a new pair recast to replace it as quickly as possible.

The memorial statue of one of the greatest Liverpool's stars has been admired and respected by a great number of people from around the world. But somebody has decided to go further and probably take a very special souvenir of his trip to Liverpool from the monument.
May be he wanted to make a very special gift to a very special someone but by his act he deprived others of feasting eyes on John Lennon's monument in its full glory.

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