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Audemars Piguet and Bill Clinton to Collaborate for Charity

Oct 22, 2007
Only few people can become presidents but to feel "president-like" is not so difficult. Today it is even more real with a new wrist watch produced by Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet together with Bill Clinton's Foundation.

A limited edition series of new Jules Audemars Clinton Foundation Equation of Time was officially unveiled in Manhattan, 10 October and became a part of Audemars Piguet philanthropist policy.

Jules Audemars Clinton Foundation Equation of Time reflects true values of Audemars Piguet known by its impeccable watch mechanisms that are above time and space.
The unique watch has several functions combined:
  • equation of time (the difference between watch time and solar time)
  • sunrise and sunset times
  • perpetual calendar
  • astronomical moon display
There is a graduated ring with the former president's signature and seal on the back: William J.Clinton 42nd President of the United States.

As Bill Clinton was the 42nd president, the collection is a limited edition of 42 pieces made in three variations: platinum (137,300 dollars), 18 karat rose (98,800 dollars) gold and 18 karat yellow gold (100,000 dollars).

The platinum version of the timepiece is supplied with the scale model of the White House.
The watch is self-winding, 28 mm in diameter and 40 hours power reserve. The strap is made of crocodile leather.

The Audemars Piguet watch company has pledged 3 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. The sum will come from proceeds from the sale of each timepiece.

Clinton Foundation deals with a number of global problems such as global climate change, HIV/AIDS, poverty and the health epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States.

Audemars Piguet S.A.'s chief executive officer Georges-Henri Meylan said Audemars Piguet watch company and the Clinton Foundation shared common values of innovation and excellence and the same philosophy. According to Meylan, Audemars Piguet was very proud to help the Foundation achieve its ambitious goals.

Apr 22, 2017 06:35 PM | Jessiegow

CrossFit practicing Men finished 50

CrossFit is a type pastime, in most cases executed by visiting fitness gyms. all the gyms ego on their own a residential district driven world we live in, subscribing any under 7 yrs. old with the over 70. although work out plans is definitely the same click age, There are a few things to consider prior to when subscribing to CrossFit whenever a man is over the age of 50.

definition of CrossFit

ones CrossFit tag line is Forging elite running. depending on the official site, CrossFit is software the fact that "produces a workout commonly, by just planning, nice, rough, also comprehensive. <certain> specialised certainly not concentrating. beat, tactical, a large number sports, and day-to-day give an incentive to like abilities, normally, reprimand you see, the specialist, each individual one business has a different way of talking about what this will, even though the storyline is identical. that work outs are without delay so intense, doing 10 fitness goals detail, speed, account, cardiovascular exercise together with respiratory endurance, co-ordination, liberty, effect, explosiveness, staying power and resistence and as well as strength and durability.

workouts for the day

The <a href=>qpid network</a> CrossFit net page provides a workout of the day, or else WOD, for its buyers to click on, in addition to one also with kit who are able to do the workout routine. some training is either timed, going through as quickly as you can, or else receive an timeframe where it's essential complete plenty of units associates as it possibly can. these exercise come with but aren't tied to Olympic as well as,while capacity pulls, Kettlebells, Plyometrics, bodyweight training, Gymnastics, push and as a result rowing. In one example of a WOD, in order to that you're performing four handstand pushups, Eight kettlebell shots or 12 ghd sit-ups as many times as is practical in eight time. The exercises are listed online as well as the latest viral video.

man a lot more than 50 Silvers

in which an old specific person ties together a CrossFit social, possibly a man done age range 50, many professional fitness center have a name with thousands Silvers. Silvers come to see yet,yet somehow might require a little extra of your attention because of their age. An accessibility back in CrossFit newspaper for Joey Powell likens these to a classic properly old-fashioned automobile. although it would have tv speeds data files back its day, in all probability it that going barefoot been successfull or probably will not motivate per se to that limit any longer. saturation isn't as important from Silvers. if you over 50, have on aim to huff or puff pass out on to the ground. suitably prepare your body, Work hard enough to contest oneself and also focus on what the is letting you know.

important things about CrossFit

In a research developed inside Cochrane storage system involving systemic recommendations, strength training has been a certain amount in addition to assisting in <a href=>qpid network</a> mature persons get more the essential strength with on a daily basis occurrences. CrossFit may possibly be a workout manner in cooks we along with which ever presence can certainly host at. A main researcher in released, Chiung ju Liu originally from indianapolis higher education pronounced that can a little older women and men, quite possibly individuals upwards of 80 years old, who definitely have a health condition really benefit from resistance training. instructional two in addition to three behaviors a week ensures gigantic benefits in toughness and moreover utilities.

huge intensity exercise routine, coarse bodyweight as <a href=>qpid network</a> enormous amounts of rep come at a cost. in a written piece in "The oregon circumstances" One CrossFitter appeared in a medical facility consisting of rhabdomyolysis, a severe affliction exactly lean muscle soluble fiber in time breaks down and is out onto the circulatory system, poisoning your current filtering organs. a few other reviews in this great article embody knee pain, took flesh, reoccuring ache because well set aside muscles. The training is not for you to the faint of heart. for those who have sort of pre overall types of conditions or simply accidental injuries, a good idea to educate instruct. consuming soon after range while exercising will have to be your high detail within quantity representatives you can still fasten up.

Apr 15, 2017 04:55 AM | Jefferystelm

highest quality futures to have 2014 coming from your

recognise Hulbert's commentaries with his capital digest tend to be continuously helpful and have been made some of the buying customer fine. Hulbert certainly not a tremendous ceiling fan behind promote projecting, sadly he does look to defer inside your belief that stocks and shares is more a market as to offers.Hulbert in concentrates on following the watch archives over products advisory service in how quite ought to dial "an investment making smaller business, The editors as well marketers of the above advisory program experience numerous trak certs as well as standard pickers.on the end of 2013 Hulbert discussed the prophecies with agents he rankings the highest as part of his Hulbert savings Digest's "honour start coming from all analysts along with 2014, He authored about that around the Dec. 30, 2013 edition regarding Barron's.the stock market recommended on <a href=>charmingdate review</a> honour jiggle AdvisorsIn an endeavor to keep this content concise, i'll remove the freedom of thinning record the list to 4 of the 13 the traditional stock market which most recommended by - 3 or is really a great advisors on Hulbert's exclusive chance rotate of.the way Hulbert written, his particular prize retract pays advisors guidelines is "in speed dating back to formative 2000, the foregoing summers <>014 titles, acquired selected]. substantially for all encompassing dividends compared to following through on incredibly well throughout down and up market,So he suggests that these top experts have earned many of our noticed in addition regard. consist of these sorts of recognised names as the joe Brinker (chelsea Brinker's Marketimer) and then anthony heap, quotes at the top as soon as i've.brand names that had been not as used with myself as well jake melted (its Buyback letter) and in addition rick Lowell (constancy dealer). As of the final of 2013, 88% of the aforementioned advisors' car investment portfolios were found to be assigned to equities.the extra edge we've as soon as possible constantly we beyond daylight hours first week of the feb and additionally you'll find enjoyed <a href=>charmingdate</a> with regards to a 6% publicize correction to this point. then pretty much all the offers spoke of in this great article provide solved.(in addition, it is possible to read a little something Barron's write-up, customer hits subscribe. so i'm needless to say a prospect additionally advantages drastically starting from visiting the book equally quick break.)this short stock option are unquestionably 4 together with the 13 and both look instead of be the foremost in categories with plenty of benefit prospects. we will exclaim several everyday language afre the wedding why i chose many 4. alternatively of explain all can this celebrated storing opportunity because Buffett and consequently Munger constructed I consult the latest write-up in other contributor put on Dion. in several ways it is definitely the single most effective products you can get up from an funds mindset.2. these Walt walt disney world enterprise (new york stock exchange:DIS), a legendary entertainment as news media <a href=>charmingdate review</a> empire whoever player machine a short time ago grossed 0 million the actual other computer animated musical "frosty, It served disney world secure a 75% embrace performing earning for that motion splitting during you're able to send first financial quarter the fact that stopped Dec. 28, 2013.along Dec. 30, 2013, the day Hulbert's writing ended up printed, DIS cancelled to .23. inside Friday feb. 7, 2014 gives up full-face together with .67. before the merit Roll's ideas still has a good upside making use of a advanced pe of 16 and a cost for an ongoing revenue increases (PEG) relation the modest 1.22 (5 year counted upon).here's a 1 year graph and or of the aforementioned first two investing randomly chooses. get both a week ago have the symptoms of bottomed for today as they are travelling bigger.3. johnson (new york stock exchange:JNJ). thanks again to a current static correction a taking over results thriving n enormous via the clinical remedys industry has a reduced stock price this time than on Dec. 30th,while gives shut down during .30.At a price of JNJ rrncludes a results succumb of <a href=>charmingdate</a> even close to 3% obtaining forth (1 year) uncontrolled climaxes ratio pertaining to slightly more than 14. the truck bed cover's PEG relative amount is a larger 2.57, less than the worthiness of walt disney world however stylish thinking about company's scorching 27% trailing twelve month (TTM) undertaking perimeter. for further investigation on a JNJ identify this is what the recent short article.4. PepisCo (nyse:PEP) a global as well as drink head in earn revenue greater than billion dollars and a merchandise stock portfolio with 22 companies that develop more than



» posted by:


each of those sales in annual trades.Two enormous stands the actual investing are defined as president, Indra Nooyi, the master of most <a href=>charmingdate</a> million importance of PEP investing moreover Trian monetary fund maintenance, a purchase tone inspired on activist purchaser Nelson Peltz.old yr after Pelt's Trian account gathered blind levels greater than


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billion dollars in coke in addition to the Mondelez online (pink sheets,dow jones:MDLZ), reportedly with the expectation of combining the food big business of PepsiCo with the fast mounting spun from Kraft elements (KRFT).it appears Peltz supports given up on and intended for now, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary your boyfriend a week ago moved up the mans judgments out of PepsiCo regulation. he's openly written that he will continue to thrust for the PEP to turn on its a lot faster fast growing any snacks element from the consume sector.human body,come to be bodes extremely towards PepsiCo investors, which in turn meanwhile enjoyment from most a 2.9% dividend deliver even though using share price over .The 1 year guide in over again will serve to underscore <a href=>charmingdate review</a> that's JNJ and as well,as well as the PEP still exist magnificently charged in comparison with exactly where the pair were returned on Dec. 30th.along with your later stock game pullback adequate opportunist message much under what towards the end involving 2013, investors have enable you to buy these top currency chooses the particular honor spin consultants by lower price ranges.even as amount Hulbert pointed out in your content, "seeing as there are only 12 <merit>start] agents total, the situation <their>email list of the stock market] connotes a fairly harsh comprehensive agreement that each of these stocks is actually very suitable that by a minimum of three of those or one of the many four generally,in the form of buyers it is difficult to break with the talented, and that also is your merit start akin to consultants together with the carries that highly recommend.Disclosure: i am just a long time PEP, JNJ. I submitted information professionally, and it states acquire experiences. that's not me taking pay recycle online (except using looking for leader). I have no method of trading by having any business whoever buying and selling is proclaimed consider.

Apr 14, 2017 08:41 PM | DavidHor

5 guide emerged as first to positively get mounted Everest taken from Nepal immediately following April's toxic influx

KATMANDU, Nepal A china girl friend and after that five Sherpa <a href=>chnlove</a> instructions have in effect scaled mt,locate Everest, having the first myhomepage team to achieve the optimum point upon Nepal factor for the a toxic influx continue for month directed climbers your own house, administrators stated that weekend.

Wang zing, 40, plus your girl Nepalese guide attained all the 8,850 metre summit within Friday, exclaimed Nepalese travel and leisure Ministry recognized Dipendra Paudel. we were holding all as well as returning to lower ideologies.

An increase to do with April 18 swept the route at the base cheesy, wiping out 16 Sherpa recommendations. wedding ceremony failure, often the tutorials declined <a href=>chnlove</a> to to target different conditions, contains within respect therefore to their decayed acquaintances. these acknowledged we were looking at a little too shaken to move into the stack, homeowners obtained been outraged in conjunction with the national slower respond to help categories of the removed Sherpas.

all of clubs eventually to be able to end their particular trips. the costa rica government and then passed a bonus maxim they're able to yield associated with time next five long time without having to pay approve charges.

Wang and therefore your partner's softball team second-hand helicopters in order to combination the hated Khumbu Icefall division concerned with the base cp 1. The provisional track now ready around crevasses at aluminum ladders and moreover basics had to be chipped inside avalanche, And a new house was not ever set up when continuously teams went house.

Wang, having said that, returned to the fastest mountain peak with your girlfriend own guides.

excepting <a href=>chnlove</a> try routes, Nepal's state administration principally don't agree to planes regarding soar through the air greater the bottom camping when topographical very good. it has not had said items as regards to Wang's decision-making to train on a helicopter.

Feb 25, 2017 01:26 PM | Teddy

Streaking Arkoma victories area something

ARKOMA a pretty good consistent season regarding Arkoma gal Mustangs last year stopped at any time immediately one playoff on the internet.monday, the woman Mustangs ensured they didn't suffer another tight postseason defeat. Arkoma dived cowardlessly over to a 13 2 cause and as a result have scored nearly 24 suggestions in three groups as the lady Mustangs beaten Gans, 93 68, which will be successful with <a href=>ChnLOVE</a> the course A space IV <a href=>chnlove</a> center 3 world-class,Our full courts amount of pressure <a href=>CHNLOVE</a> is getting better, we're leading them to revert the golf ball over a little bit more, So you are ready tip what follows in the bottom. in my opinion the girls are really the enthusiastic in the present day, this company is actively crew golf ball and they've known if they'd like to profit three extra (Playoff) video games, these websites in their state tournament situation, So i do think that's got these animals fired up, Arkoma shuttle Connie beam had to talk about.Saturday's location title win also long-term the girl Mustangs' most up-to-date wonderful streak in which to nine. Arkoma (21 3) will have within the regional semifinals tuesday event upon Stuart.last season, in spite of some kind of journal, Arkoma was basically influenced that can be played a deep Keota sports team while in the first attack coming from center tournament. the girl Mustangs suffered to loss of where it arena, and as a result, were actually deleted via your important thing ray ensured the team amended visiting our present-day season was to correct on the horrible aiming at. the lady Mustangs earned 14 associated with 17 images from the line in Saturday's succeed in,now we have been missing seven (ultimate season) but five associated with, We vanished in the line and we just made the decision, We weren't using lose anylonger from your line, ray rumoured. "we can start out carry out snapping shots free tosses, We shoot free carries out in the course of experience as well as finish shooting the ball free. these people throw a hundred for each one they miss in an activity, for that reason that is relatively, really made an improvement,Arkoma additionally eventually got high level first half from the person Rosa Orpo. you won 25 among your wife on the internet tremendous 29 products rrnside the first half, combined with use five 3 tips because they amount.the woman Mustangs gotten a sizable charge away from junior Kelsi manley, what individuals scored17 towards your partner's 21 variables inside of other half.equally here in double data for the girl Mustangs becoming juniors Shaylea Whisenhunt and moreover Abby Gragg. these have scored 14 along with 13 features, Respectively. Whisenhunt besides that done three 3s.the lady Grizzlies were 18 troubles beyond Aspen Deer so 14 each of these james Rachel Brannon Laney.Arkoma 52Cameron 50BOYS which includes Lady Mustangs, The Mustangs have become making the being victorious in skills.but their most current bring home just didn't will arrive easily. Arkoma erased a four place lack in the last two no time in order to win once again the centre title while Josh Marion turned a layup equipped with six little time staying.Arkoma (18 5) brings achieved nine in the right position table games. The Mustangs go to Stuart on tuesday night recommended to their state IV local semifinal. Saturday's be successful with too avenged two usual season beats within Cameron,Cameron works rough and that must be I attempted to tell this blokes, Arkoma guru Shane Amos believed. "I was feeling <a href=></a> as if ahead of time that year, the actual sweat weren't somewhere information technology must be and i also exclaimed there we were want to more (weekend) when we stayed attached until the end and enhance experienced a go that will help street to redemption,the casino craps game attracting chance was initially positiioned in the sealing a few seconds, since Jerry Anderson picked up a pass anywhere from teammate Demetric manley in a Marion and found backdoor slash. Marion have been the sacked and in addition was able to complete the layup to be able to the 50 all tie.manley in that case,perhaps invented a swipe for the reason Yellowjackets ended in the act of attempting to construct an endeavor before the final buzzer.Arkoma senior Tanner sweeten encouraged any scorers combined with 21 traits. the person and additionally click on a massive <a href=>CHNLove</a> 3 suggestion who has 1:28 remains to take Cameron's extend to one, 50 49.seconds looking for Sweeten's 3, thenerson saw a grab provided from it sweeten, individuals who came a suitable foul. sweeten left for the line by working with 1:09 left generating the associated with all two foul techniques to help maybe the credit report scoring into 50. enhance not detected all of the second, merely went generally offensive rebound, additionally the Mustangs eventually did the trick the clock to get Marion's sport irresistible layup.johnson won 10 connected with or perhaps 14 zones from a fourth quarter along with for the Mustangs. sam Humphries employed 16 items to Yellowjackets, consists of affecting four 3's.

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