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The Most Expensive Private Island for Sale

Oct 19, 2007
Are you in search for a very original gift? If you have some more 100 million dollars to spend, there is a great option for you.

One of the latest fashion trends among world celebrities is to own an island. There are a lot of rather inexpensive objects of this kind accessible for many people on the market. But recently they put on sale a really unique lot-the biggest and most expensive private island ever appeared on the world real estate market.

The Ronde Island in Grenada,Carribean that is spread over 2,000 acres, is valued at 100 million dollars. The island is a completely isolated and untouched piece of Earth that is why the price for it is indisputable.

The island is surrounded with canyons of stunning beauty and has an amazing sea-bottom topography. There is also a beautiful cave embellished with sparkling quartz crystals and stalactites there. Moreover it is a real paradise for divers.

As experts affirm, the Ronde Island development potential is endless. It is possible to organize a very special resort for rich and famous or build private villas for sale. With such an exotic location the possibilities are countless. There are no doubts it is a very eligible investment that can become a nice hobby for a man of fortune and bring him some more income at the same time.

Jul 20, 2009 10:11 PM | private island

for One hundred dollars, thats the starting bid on ebay

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