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Victoria's Secret Jewelry 2007 Fantasy Bra

Oct 14, 2007
All women are crazy about beautiful and sexy lingerie and like to get it as a gift. And it is not so important only a very limited number of people can see it-this part of a lady's wardrobe must always be perfect.

Fashion producer of high quality lingerie Victoria's Secret, that worships the beauty of female body, has presented its exclusive Fantasy Bra. This time it is a full set composed of 9,000 precious stones with the total price of 4,5 million dollars!
The Fantasy Bra set created by jeweler Mouawad looks gorgeous and very original. Moreover besides a bra and a thong it includes a cuff bracelet, garter, and barrette with a holly and poinsettia theme.

All the pieces of the luxurious set are embroidered with different precious stones: diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires and emeralds.

Of course the weight of the novelty is a bit of heavy but as Selita Ebanks, who modeled the set, affirms its weight doesn't influence the comfort.

"I felt completely like a woman and so sexy," says Ebanks, who has recently appeared in ads for the new Victoria's Secret holiday catalog.
Victoria's Secret annually creates a holiday Fantasy Bra that is not just lingerie but a real work of art. Every time the company elaborates a special ad campaign.
Victoria's Secret jeweled Fantasy Bra for 2006 was advertised by Karolina Kurkova. The Bra worth 6.5 million dollars was embellished with 2, 000 diamonds with a 10-carat diamond brooch centerpiece.

The 12, 5 million dollars Fantasy Bra 2005 modeled by Gisele Bundchen was done in 18K white gold with over 2900 pave set diamonds, 22 ruby gemstones and a massive 101 karat diamond.

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