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Fashion USB Drives from Phillips and Swarovski

Sep 01, 2007
Are you in search for a cool gift for her? Jewelry gadgets can certainly make her happy.

There is a USB drive appeared as a result of Phillips and Swarovski brands collaboration. Now it is possible to make your life brighter adding some luster to it - objects we use every day can become brighter and more beautiful because they decorate them with sparkling crystals.

Style, quality and design - these are key words to describe the collection where innovative technologies and fashion are combined. Due to the companies efforts to turn objects we use everyday into the season must-haves, we get bright, refined and original devices.
Of course the collection is meant rather for women than men. It consists of different useful devices such as USB drives and ear-phones.

There are two kinds of flash drives there. One of them is called Heart Beat, it is made in heart shape that is divided in two parts. One part serves as a lid and is decorated with Swarovski crystals. The second type of drives is called Lock Out - the shining pieces made in padlock-shaped design are unique. There are earphones with 4 different design variations there. The Swarovski and Phillips alliance is very promising. The full collection of "crystal' gadgets is already available.

Present-day women are very energetic and full of plans how to become leaders and succeed both at home and work. Of course they are not just business ladies, they haven't forgotten about fashion and still can't live without beautiful things. That's the reason the products that combine high technologies, beautiful look and original design from Swarovski and Phillips can satisfy every lady's taste.

Both companies are very well known worldwide. Phillips makes the life of women easier. It gives a lot of new opportunities and challenges.

Women adore Swarovski for the unique opportunity it gives and namely to be in the high light. A beautiful bride in a wonderful gown embroidered with Swarovski crystals makes her groom radiate with delight, happiness and pride.

Namely small things make our image complete. This way jewel-encrusted crystal collection from Phillips and Swarovski make ladies' life bright and full of positive events.
Brilliance is in fashion this season. Not only make up or dress can be brilliant. The devices she uses every day become fashionable objects of luxury!

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