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Extra-Luxury among Fragrances: Jungle Rain for 5,000 Dollars

Aug 15, 2007
Every fashionista strives to smell impeccably. So why not to present her with such a "savory" gift? Namely for such kind of people the best world perfumery companies produce the most luxurious creations.

Mane, French Fragrance Company, has created a real perfumery masterpiece that is one of the most expensive scents in the world.

The 500 g crystal drop-shaped bottle is created by Brosse (an American company). The price for the fragrance, composed by a famous perfumer Cecile Krakower, is 5,000 dollars.

In Chinese "Yu" means rain. The name fits the bill because the fragrance is a real "Jungle Essence". The scent is created using a special technique of collecting the scent's notes. It employs a portable, pressurized canister and solvent to yield plant extracts in virtually any jungle, field or forest visited by Mane perfumers.

African freesia, Asian mandarin tree leaf, genet and champaca, bergamot, orange flower, ylang-ylang, vanilla and sandalwood - these are the ingredients that compose such a unique perfume.

It is clear that they cannot create a lot of expensive perfumes but just a limited edition: the Mane Company produced just 500 bottles of the scent.

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