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Legendary Marilyn Monroe Gift to Kennedy

Nov 06, 2007
Marylin Monroe performed famous "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" during John F. Kennedy's forty-fifth birthday celebration on May 19, 1962, at New York's Madison Square Garden. The voice of the singer was too intimate and sultry for the public expression of feelings...

They say the actress, who was John F.Kennedy's mistress around that time, gave the Rolex Oyster watch to the top-level Kennedy aide Kenneth O'Donnell on the very night she sang her memorable version of "Happy Birthday." Her gift for Kennedy was inscribed: "Jack, with love always from Marilyn, May 29th 1962."
The beauty put a piece of paper with a poem entitled, "A heartfelt plea on your birthday," into the watch case.

The poem believed-to-be-written by Merilyn Monroe reads:

"Let lovers breathe their sighs
And roses bloom and music sound
Let passion burn on lips and eyes
And pleasures merry world go round
Let golden sunshine flood the sky
And let me love
Or let me die!"

When Kennedy saw the gift and read the words inscribed, his instruction was to immediately get rid of it. Unfortunately the president did not open the watch case and never read the poem of the famous blonde...

On October, 2005 the gold Rolex Oyster watch was put up to auction organized by Alexander Autographs, in Washington.

There is no doubt it was a genuine watch Monroe presented to the thirty-fifth President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy by the legendary blonde. The serial number and engraving of the Rolex timepiece were appropriate for the time. Moreover a family member of the Kennedy aide Kenneth O'Donnell confirmed the story of the timepiece.

The auction organizers expected to profitably sell the watch. The Alexander Autographs spokesman Bill Panagopoulos was certain the price for the legendary timepiece would increase during the auction. And he turned out to be right - the timepiece was finally sold for 120,000 dollars!

The gift to Kennedy from Merilyn Monroe was bought by an East Coast collector, but his name was not released.
Gorgeous and very sexy Merilyn Monroe dress from Madison Square Garden event with 2500 rhinestones sewn into it was sold in 1999 at New York auction for over 1, 26 million dollars.

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