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Chanel Time Zones Travel: J12 GMT Presents...

Nov 12, 2007
A wrist watch by Chanel is a great gift idea for a person with a good and refined taste. The choice of Chanel watches is wide but they all have something in common: beauty, durability and functionality.

Voyages give us the possibility to see the most amazing corners of the planet and feel them in the light of time.

This fall Chanel brand, inspired by the most beautiful world cities, has launched J12 GMT watch model for travelers.
Every city has its own peculiarities and is not like others. The same is with Chanel watches that all are different. So let's travel with Chanel around the world!

07.00 am - New York: Chocolat

New York, XX century symbol, is the capital of constructivism and strict lines. All the modern cities built from glass, stone, steel and light are anyway created after New York's fashion.

Chanel Chocolat watch is an incarnation of famous New York spirit and style based on eclecticism and minimalism.
The shining surface of the steel bracelet reminds of a glass tower even more than of a bar of chocolate.

The watch features a digital display made in white gold and set with two lines of diamonds. The timepiece is available in several other versions: steel, white gold, all diamonds and black ceramic.
This way a digital timepiece can be luxurious as well - but only executed by Chanel.

12.00 pm - London: Camelia

Tennis and soccer are no longer considered as purely British phenomena, but it is still impossible to imagine London without its famous Flower Show that takes place every spring in Chelsea (south-west London).

All Britons adore their gardens, so if you want to understand the style of the United Kingdom's capital city, you should love flowers.

A flower on your wrist is the best way to start. Camelia watch by Chanel incarnates fragility and tenderness. Petals made in white gold are covered in diamond and sapphire pave. Mother-of-pearl dial and satin strap make the Chanel Camelia watch look complete and harmonious. It is certainly the most romantic among Chanel timepieces.

01.00 pm - Paris: Premiere

Real Chanel voyage begins here. Namely in Paris young Coco Chanel opened her first boutique Chanel Modes in 1910.
In 1921 the great Mademoiselle launched her famous perfume Chanel number 5. The bottle's top copied the Vendome square shape where she later opened her first jewelery and watch boutique. The same shape was used for her first wrist watch Chanel Premiere.
In 2007 they created Chanel Premiere Perles version with 194 pearls bracelet.

01.00 pm - Turin: J12 Superleggera

Turin is a business and cultural center in northern Italy. The city is famous for its successful soccer team Juventus F.C. and so famous world wide names as Lamborghini, Mazeratti, Pegaso and Lancia.

Namely in Turin they invented Superleggera automobile construction technology that gave the possibility to create "super light" cars. The technology implied a network of thin metal tubes used as a full-body frame.

The case of the first Chanel chronograph for men J12 Superleggera reminds of race car body. Made of hi-tech ceramics and aluminum, it is of the same lightness and durability. There is a powerful "engine" inside: the chronograph's mechanism is self-winding.

03.00 pm - Moscow: J12 Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie

The life in Russian capital looks like an eternal holiday. Moscow image has always been associated with the red color.

Chanel J12 Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie, the premiere of which took place in Basel in spring 2007, greatly incarnates the Moscow style.
The timepiece is an impersonation of all exclusive J12 ideas. The case of the watch is made of white gold. The tourbillon watch with the exclusive Chanel 05.T1 movement features the ultra-thin ceramic bottom-plate. It is encrusted with 568 baguette-cut rubies.
The Chanel J12 Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie watch is a piece unique.

03.00 pm - Kilimanjaro: J12 Ceramique

Kilimanjaro is a giant mountain in Tanzania. One of the most beautiful places on earth, it is covered by an ice cap often sank in white clouds. The mountain is a classic symbol of purity, innocence and clarity of thoughts.
White and black are two favorite Chanel colors.

09.00 pm - Tokyo: Mademoiselle Perles

Japan is considered to be the motherland of pearl special for its beauty and purity. Pearl with its mysterious shimmering glitter and generous simplicity was Coco Chanel's favorite adornment.

In her honor they created Mademoiselle Perles collection: a classic square watch in Art Deco style with five rows of Akoya pearl.

04.00 am - Los-Angeles: J12 Beverly Hills

It is difficult to remain indifferent toward famous Beverly Hills. It is an incarnation of paradise as people imagine it: sea, azure sky, sun and luxurious mansions.
Chanel unveiled special Chanel J12 Tourbillon Bevery Hills Limitedto celebrate the re-opening of their new store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It is a piece unique watch. Its case is made of white ceramics and is encrusted with blue baguette-sapphires; the timepiece is supplied with 05-01 tourbillon.

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