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How to Present a Gift for Her in Most Romantic Way?

Mar 04, 2009
Every lady wants her man to treat her in the most gentle and romantic way, especially during the holidays when she expects to get a nice gift from him. While choosing a gift for your beloved lady, think about her inner world and become a very attentive listener.

Usually, ladies express their admiration about things they like. Your lady may praise a set of cushions she sees in the living room of your friends or say she has seen a pair of earrings with gems that perfectly match the color of her eyes. She may also say she really likes perfume her colleague is using. So, the first tip is really simple - become an attentive listener and your woman will most probably drop hints about the gift she expects to get.

The most important thing when talking about gifts for her is the way you present your lady with a gift. Remember your lady expects romance and fairytale from you. How to present a gift for her in the most romantic way? According to, first of all, just let your imagination flow freely and you will find the way to make the day really special.

If you want to present your lady with a big bouquet of flowers, instead of presenting your lady with a whole bouquet at once, you may give her one flower at a time during the day telling her some nice, romantic words. This way you will fill her whole day with love and joy. The first flower you may put on her cushion by her face in the morning. The next flower you may put in the bathroom. You may also present every flower with your personal note with some warm romantic words.

The best way to make your woman feel really special is to organize a truly romantic evening for her. You may make a hotel reservation and spend romantic time together in unusual environment or reserve a table at a romantic restaurant. Try to avoid noisy places. It is better to go to a cozy restaurant to sit at a table decorated by candles and flowers, the same way you see heroes of a Hollywood love story. If you present your beloved lady with a in such romantic environment, she will surely be deeply impressed by your love and care.

If you prefer to spend a romantic evening at home, there are many original ways to please your lady. Imagine your lady comes home and sees a path created by flower petals. The path leads your lady to the living-room (or bedroom) where she sees lighted candles forming a heart with a gift box in the center. In the box you may put nice lingerie. Your lady will surely have no words to express her joy.

Enjoy presenting your lady with your nice gifts and love. And it is not necessary to surprise your lady only on holidays. You may present your lady with a romantic gift just on the "I-love-you" occasion.

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