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Gifts Make the World Smile

Do you like gifts? Of course you do! It is the best way to express feelings without words. Find the right key and open the door leading to the heart of your special someone - let bright colors into your life!
Mar 04, 2009
Every lady wants her man to treat her in the most gentle and romantic way, especially during the holidays when she expects to get a nice gift from him. While choosing a gift for your beloved lady, think about her inner world and become a very attentive listener.

Usually, ladies express their admiration about things they like. Your lady may praise a set of cushions she sees in the living room of your friends or say she has seen a pair of earrings with gems that perfectly match the color of her eyes. She may also say she really likes perfume her colleague is using. So, the first tip is really simple - become an attentive listener and your woman will most probably drop hints about the gift she expects to get.

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Feb 23, 2009
Bertolucci is proud to unveil its new majestic lady's watch inspired by the fascinating world of the Mediterranean. The watch has been created as a fine gift for all ladies in love with luxurious timekeeping accessories.

The case of the Stria, 39.7 mm in diameter, is crafted from 18K pink gold. It demonstrates delicate undulations, reminding a sea-shell radiating with a soft satiny light.

The timepiece has been created in two variations. The first variation features a black opaline dial adorned with diamond-set hour markers. It is framed by the shell decoration set with 274 more »
Feb 12, 2009
The world's fastest production electric motorbike has been manufactured by Mission Motors, a company based in San Francisco, California. It is remarkable that the motorbike, dubbed Mission One, is capable of 150mph, implying it is much quicker than TTX01 bike designed in Britain.

Forrest North, founder of Mission Motors, has long cherished an ambitious goal of creating a motorcycle that would set a new standard in the field of electric vehicles. In 2007, he started his work on converting Ducati motorbike powered by petrol into an electric model. The engineer wanted to take an advantage of the performance of petrol but with zero exhaust pipe emissions.

The amazing result of North's work is a bike powered by lithium-ion batteries. This type of batteries powers laptops and mobile phones. The bike is designed to run for 150 miles until it has to be recharged, which requires two more »
Feb 04, 2009
St. Valentine's Day fills our hearts with its magic atmosphere of love and tenderness. To make this holiday just unforgettable, Chopard has created magnificent accessories, true tokens of love.

Chopard jewelry pieces and watches, devoted to the theme of love, demonstrate a variety of hearts, small and large, gem-paved and polished, and created in a rich diversity of colors.

The Chopard Cuorissimo and Happy Amore jewelry lines are conceived as the sweetest love messages, majestic gifts for her. The pendants and earrings represent nicely interwoven Cuorissimo hearts. The ring and a matching pendant are created as gently swaying articulated hearts crafted in rose more »
Jan 19, 2009
To celebrate the holiday of all people in love, Swatch has created an exclusive watch, Loving Twister, and an exclusive jewelry set of romantic Swatch Bijoux - Amorito.

The Valentine's Day Swatch Special watch is adorned with a range of hearts and signs of love. The timepiece is presented in Special Packaging with a flurry of stickers that are 'shouting': Love! Kiss Me! Be mine! In such a nice way, the timepiece delivers a powerful message to all those captured by love.

The family of romantic Swatch Bijoux is adorned with original whirls and charming hearts.
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Dec 30, 2008
Every Ebel Beluga watch is created as a fine gift for ladies who opt for luxurious lifestyle and adore elegant accessories.

In 2008, Ebel has unveiled the Beluga Haute Joaillerie watch that immediately makes one feel its youthful spirit. The precious ladies' watch, sparkling with diamonds, possesses an undeniably contemporary character.

The Beluga Haute Joaillerie watch is full-set with 7.57 carats of highest-quality diamonds, selected in 10 different diameters. The timepiece demonstrates the one-of-a-kind Beluga silky-smooth touch. The creators of the timepiece wanted it to acquire tauter and more modern sculptural lines and feature a dynamic multi-level design.
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Dec 16, 2008
Probably some lucky man will be stunned to receive from his lady the world's most expensive cotton shirt ever, estimated at amazing 20,000 Euro. The shirt is up for auction on eBay. The auction will be finished at 18:00 GMT on 18 December. read more »
Dec 08, 2008
Christmas is no doubt the most favorite and magic holiday for both children and their parents. Parents and grandparents want to make their children's dreams come true. They need a lot of creativity and wit to find the "ideal" gift, just the one that would make the child burst out with joy. read more »
Dec 05, 2008
British author JK Rowling has presented all Harry Potter fans with a really exciting Christmas gift - a new book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the most highly anticipated title of the more »
Dec 03, 2008
Fans of George Michael will surely be delighted by the Christmas gift from their favorite pop star.

They will be presented with a free download of George Michael's latest recording, December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas).read more »
Apr 18, 2008
As Mother's day is around the corner, each of us has to honor the woman that brought us into this world.

Show your mom your love and care with a very special gift for her on Mother's Day.
Here are 10 great Mother's Day gift ideas with some bonuses:

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Apr 14, 2008
A new name has appeared among luxury brands that create ultra expensive cell phones. Tag Heuer handset produced by the famous watch company will certainly represent an intense competition for the Vertu and Prada cell phones.

The stylish gadget that corresponds to all technical and image achievements of Swiss company Tag Heuer bears an exotic name Meridiist.

The model that will come up for sale later this year does not remind of the look of traditional handsets produced by the luxury brands. read more »
Apr 07, 2008
If you adore exceptional gifts, you will certainly like a black lace thong studded with 518 brilliant-cut diamonds in a floral pattern.

The skimpy Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong became very much the centre of attention at a lingerie show during the Singapore Fashion Festival.

Just imagine, the total weight of the diamonds is 30 carats! They also attached to the thong 27 tassels made of white gold. In general the diamond thong left little to the imagination.
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Mar 26, 2008
Are you in need of a cool gift idea for a lady you love? Lolita Lempicka has something great to offer you.

When you purchase a fragrance, it often happens you have an opportunity to buy some other beauty and personal care products of the same scent such as soap and body lotion.
Lolita Lempicka has got ahead of all the other brands creating a cell phone to match your favorite scent.
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Mar 11, 2008
People in Great Britain and in many other countries have already started preparing for Easter. You are probably among those who want to hpresent something very unusual as an Easter gift for their special someone, am I right?

Nowadays the most fervent Easter lovers have a chance to buy a very unique Easter egg weighing five-stone (about 30 kg) that has gone on sale at London's Selfridges store. read more »
Feb 28, 2008
Are you looking for a funny Saint Patrick's gift for him? Such a festive green clover necktie is a great gift idea. You may also buy it for yourself to remind those around you that St. Patrick's Day is around the corner. With such a cool tie a man will certainly be in the more »
Feb 27, 2008
Are you looking for a very special and unique gift for your dear lady? Do you love her and want her to be safe? If yes than there is nothing more appropriate than so-called 'Killer Diamond Engagement Ring' designed by the jeweler Tobias Wong.

It is a beautiful classic piece of jewelry but it turns into a potentially lethal weapon when necessary. The diamond is mounted upside down so that the sharp edge is pointing out.

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Feb 21, 2008
Do you need to find a perfect gift for your special someone? Do you agree with Marilyn Monroe who affirmed that diamonds were a girls best friend?

Very soon you will have a unique chance to buy a 101-carat flawless diamond that will go under the hammer at the Hong Kong branch of Christie's auction house on May 28.

Just imagine how happy will be your lady when getting such a unique stone as a gift - that is the biggest colorless diamond to appear at auction in nearly two decades!
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Feb 12, 2008
Are you looking for a unique Easter gift for your special someone? Or do you like wearing something glamorous?

If yes, then this information is for you. Just imagine, the famous Italian couturier Armani is releasing his Spring chocolate collection.

This spring you will have the unique opportunity to buy dark, milk or white Armani Dolci Easter Egg to pamper your vanity or present it as a gift for Easter. read more »
Feb 08, 2008
Young Sexy Lovely is a great Valentine gift idea for fun and fashionable ladies.

The perfume composition of the famous fragrance Young Sexy Lovely by Yves Saint Laurent has remained unchanged but its bottle looks smarter now!

They have decorated the scent-bottle with plenty of small red and pink hearts that form together a big heart printed on the transparent glass of the bottle.
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